Thursday, June 17, 2010

ok so im probably the biggest beauty junkie you would ever meet, after working for so many lines etc, ive come to know some really great products!!!!im gonna fill you in on some of those must haves! tell me if you ever tried them!

Also post a beauty product favorite or secret beauty tips to the blog and i will pick 2 winners randomly!!!!!! 1 will receive a gift card in email to be used for i dalia couture purchases!!!!! another winner will receive a free custom i dalia headband, you design!!!!!

ways to win-
Bid on one of our auctions-5 chances for each bid!

post on our blog a beauty tip or fav product-1 chances for each message!

forward this blog to friends and post on your facebook page the link! 3-chances to win!
message me on facebook to tell me you posted on your facebook so i can enter you!

OK time for some products!
1- Freddrick Fekkai Shea butter Creme! Omg this is the BEST smellling creme ever!!!! i can just eat it, if i wouldnt get sick,lol retail is around 60.00 but it lasts forever!!!! next time your at sephora or bath and body works go over and take a sniff to see what im talking about!!!

2- kerastase oleo relax- talk about an amazing hair product line, ive worked with them all, this is so darn amazing, if you dont wanna splurge to buy it, try it first at a loral professional salon!

3. Christian dior sculpt foundation spf 15---smoothes firms, dewy look, its perfect in every way 50.00 retail but lasts over 6 months!!!!! this is the ONLY foundation ill use!

4. chanel hydramax serum and moisturizer- smells so good, oil free but so moisturizing, i have sensetive skin and it is just perfect for me!

ok now i wanna hear yours!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remembering Layla Grace

Layla grace marsh died today. All of us are completley heartbroken. But, now she is in peace, she is whole again, and in the arms of god. She has done so much to impact this world and brought so many of us together as a family, Her word and fight will live on, and maybe by sparing her life, she will help save others by finding a cure! Prayers for her family mother father and beautiful sisters. You are amazing and strong people, please be in peace and i pray that your suffering be peaceful. There are so many other kids with cancer,laylas blog has raised so much awareness, let this be just the start of the journey for a cure.

I am going to spend this day, with my sweet baby girl, she is so sweet, she saw me crying and she started crying she came over and kissed me and started patting me on the back.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New auctions!

Hey everyone!!! So here is the new blythe Miss sally rice design + matcing acessories, check it out, its on ebay now. Im thinking this is the last of the customs for awhile ...:0)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because of Layla

Ok so my auction is up to 102! For the layla tee. Man you guys are amazing! Because of all of you, wonderful people, we can help make a difference oncelayla is gone...I am only 1 person, but right after my move, im planning to do ALL i can to make laylas legacy live on.

Its so hard to write about the subject, i mean, what do you say? its heart wrenching, horrific, and just plain wrong what layla is going through, she to a real life angel. She changed my life, along with so many others...everyimt i read the blog i cry my eyes out, i cry as if i know her, as if ive held her, as if ive seen that smile in person, however i havent, and its unexplainable how i feel so close to this angel, but i know its for a reason. Life sucks sometimes, my finace just lost his job, we live in a 1 bedroom because of living costs, izzy doesnt have her own room, i whine about all this stuff, i live in my sewing room to pay bills and to buy izzy things i like.

Well my problems are NOTHING in perspective, i have a healthy 2 year old, im not sick i have a roof over my head, yes things in the past have been better, life right now is difficult, but so what. Ill grow from it, it will make me stronger.

From now on, im going to give thanks for what i do have, im going to put my energy into putting a smile on izzys face every moment i have, and truelly embrassing it. Im going to continue my passion of sewing, just to have a little girl smile when she sees a fancy dress i made for her, my life is AMAZING, my life is simple and i have nothing to complain over, thank you layla for what you have made me realize.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For Layla Grace

I made this angel for layla. Hoping it might put a smile on her face.This little girl has surely changed my life, everytime i look at my daughter, i will appreciate her for all of my wonderful days i have with her, as you never know what might happen tomorrow. Thank you for that layla. I wish peace and comfort for this little angel.

This doll will be replicated into an applique for a teeshirt design. I will be listing them for sale on my ebay to the custom boutique community. Im working on the applique design as we speak. This is sometihng we should all do to help this family, this family has struggled so much, lets help comfort them as much as we can, as im sure laylas medical bills and family expenses are far from being taken care of. Please visit to read up on her story and to follow what is going on with her.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favorite fabrics of 2009!

I know this post is post 2009, however its not too behind :0) Ive compiled a list of my favorite fabrics of this past year. Some are old, some are new, some are popular, some are not, hahaha, this is a list of my favorite, must have, cant find and bought so much of it fabrics! In no particular order:

MMMM yummy cupcake japanese fabric by cosmo textiles! This fabric in person is TO die for! I have it, and im using it for a design in the near future! Get it at

Ok so these fabrics are widley known, but i have to say, the green and aqua is my all time favorite fabric, ever.These are euro poplin imports very expensive, but oh so worth it! Only at

Ballerina fabric from Kooka, a japanese import, these fabrics are very expensive but so amazing in person, so good you dont even want to cut it! I bought a few yards of this pricey fabric for a few summer dresses comming out soon! yummmy! get it now at for an amazing price, before its gone!

Kawaii sweets fabric, OMG, i NEED this fabric, its not around anywhere, im dying to get my hands on it, i swear, if anyone has any of this or knows someone who does, ill totally hook you up with some custom design goodness!haha

okay, so this is probably the most used fabric in the custom boutique world, i dont blame them! this fabric is amazing and timless! Get it at a new amazing fabric website called for an amazing price!

On the domestic fabric front, this michael miller tea fabric is simply scrumptous! I bought a ton, and ill have my alice tea set listed this week! make sure to check it out!

this, a boutique knit, had to be my favorite design in the knit world right now, a pretty penny, but i couldnt resist! This fabric i purchased in black and white, red and pink, turquoise and green, ill be using this in tons of my spring/summer designs!

and lets not very own, custom drawn and designed gingerbread polkadot fabric!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas List....

This week has been crazy busy!!! mike with his finals, me finishing orders..THEN on saturday night my embroidery machine broke!!!! Put me way behind, and costs a few hundred to fix! Go figure...hahaha But all orders will be out today!!! Be on the lookout!

So here are some if izzys christmas presents, i said i was only gonna buy, 1 or 2-my last year of getting away with it..but noooo...upon rambling online, these are a few purchases! I MUST mention, at toys r us today, the playskool rose petal cottage houses are 10.00!!!normally 100!!! So i got the whole collection for 40!! When normal price is 300!!!! Now THATS a deal! And now im officially broke..hahaha

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look at this Beauty!

Thank you so much silla for taking a photo! You look gorgeous Darllling!!!! Looka t that face, mama your gonna have your hands full! :0)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sneak peak of Miss Grinchy!

Hey everyone! starting today at 445 pst, Miss Grinchy feliza starts! Mostly hand applique and some machine applique, with loads of detail!!!! Here are some pics below!!

Also make sure to check out our m2mg gingerbread skirt!Already started!

There is a huge sale going on in our ebay right now,so snag up a deal, as this is the end of the year for us!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sneak Peak of New line which starts TONIGHT!

Here is a teensy sneak peak, for all you curious little buggers! Starts tonight at 7:00 PST!We have made the whole collection, from start to finish! Including: Twirl set, appliqued tees, denim skirts, matching doll, hair bows and so much more, auction style and some bin! This week and next week will be our final listings, as we are then taking a break, so dont miss out! The first twirl top and jeans have custom made fabric, just for I. Dalia Couture!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A photoshoot with izzy the monster!

So we did a little photoshoot this past week. A new euro design modeled by izzy. Man photoshoots with izzy are a WORKOUT! To getpics i had to run backwards, she is just too fast!hahaha To get to my goal weight i should just have a photoshoot everyday!

I know yu all have been dying to see new pics of izzy, so here they are, along with a sneak peak of a new design! There will be another shoot this weekend, im not happy with the pics, i shouldve taken them AFTER a nap, hahaha

The perfect package!

okay, so i havent updated the blog, IM SORRY!haha..I recently did the victorian design for a customer, and i just HAVE to post these pics, look at this little angel, look at those accessories! This little girl is just simply precious!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Preview/Auctons start today!

Hi everyone! We have been very busy over here!!!! Here is a look at the new fall/winter launch! They start today! Also first bidder who wins gets free shipping!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Isabelle's 1st Birthday/ 2 week Break!

Hey everyone! So its been awhile since ive updated, wait until you all see the rest of the fall collection, wowzers! Im very excited for this, and also our new collection of fall tee's. But first i have to take a 2 week break to get things situated/finish orders/moving to a new home. VERY Busy! In which im sore all of you gals can understand!

Also Izzys first b-day was exciting and chaotic to say the least! I thought of a cupcake theme, easy right? NO! Nothing cupcakes-qanywhere, so i had to make it all myself! Here are some pictures!